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What if you could quickly, easily, and effortlessly build your profitable email list without being annoying and begging your subscribers to opt-in?

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  • An incredible new "never seen before" list-building twist that works.
  • “Force” people to join to your list & while they think it was THEIR idea.
  • 100% newbie-friendly (you can use this even if you’re a non-tech person.
  • Build your list full of targeted leads faster and easier in a few clicks.
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From the Desk of...

Hey, it's Ankur here.

I’ll let you in on a secret...

The old, standard list building methods don’t cut it anymore.

Yes, although everyone and their dog uses them, they don’t work as well as before.

If you want to build a hyper-profitable list full of rabid buyers...

You need to ditch classic opt-in forms altogether.

Here’s why...

Every website on the planet has an optin form.

By now your visitors are BLIND to most optin forms.

By now they know to just CLOSE THEM the moment they see them pop up.

Therefore - "Regular" optin forms are useless and do not work well anymore.

What you need is a new way to build your list...

 - Without bothering your visitors a lot.

 - Without getting in their face.

 - Without doing what everyone else is doing.

What you need is...

Something UNIQUE and FRESH.

Something that psychologically triggers their mind.

Makes them feel GOOD about "giving you their information"

Makes you stand out among millions of websites that use the "old methods"

What if you could do all that & build your list in a smart, fun & unique way?

Yes - now that is POSSIBLE...

Introducing Gift Machine...

This wordpress plugin uses a "secret trick", a fun & unique way to building your list for you automatically without annoying visitors or being in your visitor's face...

Add to your site in just 60 seconds.

Works with Wordpress & Non-Wordpress Sites too.

Works with almost any Site Builder or Page Builder as well.

What This Short 3-Minute Demo Video & See How
Gift Machine Builds Your List in a Unique Way...

How Can This Software Help You...

Start Building Your List in Under 60 Seconds

No complicated setup, just select the icon or emoji you want to show on your site, add a popup message and a link to your free gift, your unique new list building system is ready to work for you in just 60 seconds.

No Page Builder Needed - New Auto List Builder

Most list building plugins are a lot of hassle, they want you to design a landing page or an optin form, come with 100s of templates... you don't need any of that here, just a simple 3 step setup and your list building starts.

Use on Wordpress & Non Wordpress Sites too.

We have recently added an amazing new External Sites addon that allows you to run Gift campaigns, list building campaigns on any non wordpress site as well directly from your main wordpress site. Run it on almost any site builder or funnel builder you want.

Capture Unlimited Leads & Store Them for Free

There is no limit to how many leads you can capture, there is no extra cost to storing your leads, you can store your leads directly in your website and you can export them into a CSV file anytime you want & import it anywhere.

Really Simple to Use, Just 60 Seconds & Done

There is no learning curve, no technical mumbo jumbo, even a 5 year old can do this and start building an email list in just seconds. If you can type on a keyboard you can build an email list. It's THAT easy.


Only During Launch Week

Multiple Gift Icons Included Inside
($47 Value)

The plugin comes preloaded with multiple icons and emojis that you can select to show on your site, whether you want to run a holiday special or a discount offer, you can do that with this plugin.

New External Sites Addon Included That Makes Your Site Work like a SAAS

($97 Value)

The new External Sites addon allows you to show and manage gifts on your main site as well as your other sites as well. You can show the gifts on non wordpress sites, online stores and funnels.

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As you can see, people LOVE this software.

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  • Install on One Site
  • Capture upto 1000 Leads
  • Full Training Included
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Billed Annually, no setup fees.
  • Install on upto 10 Sites
  • Capture upto 5000 Leads
  • Full Training Included
  • Free Updates for upto 1 Year.
One time fee, no annual fees.
  • Special Discounted Price for EARLY Customers Only
  • Install on Unlimited Sites
  • Works on Wordpress
    & Non Wordpress Site too.
  • Capture Unlimited Leads
  • Store & Export Unlimited Leads
  • Full Training Included
  • Free Updates Included

HURRY Price goes up by $10 very soon

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Get the Unlimited Sites License & Capture Unlimited Leads on Your Site using this Unique Software...

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No monthly or yearly fees at all. 

Hurry Price Can Go Up In...


Frequently Asked Questions...

Can the gift icon be changed to another one?
Yes the plugin comes with a library of 20 gift icons based on various occasions to add to your site and you can easily pick one or the other. With the PRO upgrade you can even upload your own.

Can I show different gifts or popups on different pages and posts?
Yes on every page or post you will see an option to select a Gift to show on that page/post. Once you do that, it will override any global settings and show that gift on that page/post.

How can I use this on my Non-Wordpress sites like html sites or funnels etc?
With the BONUS addon for External Sites which literally turns your site into a SAAS, you can now add a little piece of code to your html sites or funnels or any other kind of site and the gift will show there. You can control its settings from one single place, your main site.

How is this better than traditional optin forms?
Regular optin forms are always in your face without really asking you for permission. Here the user is clicking on the bouncing icon to show his "micro commitment" and permission to see the popup and that makes it better.

Can I delay showing the bouncing gift and not show it immediately?
Yes you have an option to show the gift immediately or show it after 5 seconds or 10 seconds or any amount of time you want.

Can I change the animation style of the bouncing gift?
Yes you have different options that attract attention and you can switch from the bouncing gift option to another option if you want when you create your gift inside the plugin.

Does this work on mobile devices too?
Yes the icon automatically resizes to the right mobile size and shows up on mobile devices too so you can get more leads from the mobile audience as well.
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